If you’re constantly inundated with problem clients, then it’s not bad luck. It’s something you’re doing. Usually it’s because your prices are too low, or because something else has gone amiss.

I tell this story to my team all the time. Once upon a time I had a car accessories business. Two online stores, same products, one had higher prices, one had lower prices.
Which store do you think produced the most troublesome customers?

A good client relationship is a two way street. You cannot demand respect if you don’t treat them well. Equally, the client needs to be respectful of your time and expertise. It’s an interdependent relationship built on trust and mutual benefit.

Know when to say no. It’s not a blame game. No one wins those battles. It’s just a case of recognising when it’s a good fit, and when it isn’t.

If you’re getting a disproportionate number of difficult clients, look at your pricing and make sure you’re looking after them right. The underlying issue is in there somewhere.

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Awesome Works

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